Elegant // Minimal Wedding

When we were told the vision for this wedding, we loved the concept and also know the vibe were going for. For some couples, its not about the grand space or number of guests that interest them, but rather showing who they are and having something truly intimate.

The locations chosen, Vancouver Art Gallery steps, Nightingale Restaurant and The Kent all made sense, it worked extremely well. Not to mention, the stunning couple we got to work with.

Connection // Vibe

A lot of times people say "Can you make me look like them? or her? or him?" We always respond this way: The best photos are always going to be the ones that you didn't think about, its the photos were you were simply enjoying your loved one and we captured that particular moment.

9/10 times, couples will be shy... we get that.. Our mission is simple: "You enjoy, laugh, have fun, soak in the joy of your day. We capture. "